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We are the solution to your damp problems!

Your favourite damp proofing specialists, working tirelessly in the Greater London area.

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Why we do it

Damp problems are extremely common

Damp problems are undoubtedly the most frequent issues encountered by home-owners and home-dwellers. They can be daunting and certainly do turn dangerous if left untreated, but we are on a mission to make British homes safer for everyone and are using our expertise to do just that.

Damp proofing specialists are meant to be trusted

We have all heard horror stories about inexperienced workers wreaking havoc on other people’s homes – well, that will certainly not be the case for you if you choose to hire our well-trained, officially-accredited damp proofing specialists. Our new employees are required to undergo a rigorous training programme before joining our ranks, so the quality of our services never wavers.

Keeping your house safe should not be costly

We offer high-quality services, coupled with extremely affordable prices. A damp house is a serious safety issue and we strongly believe that keeping yourself and your loved ones safe should be a necessity, not a luxury.

Why us?

Our Company

NOW Damp Proof started out in 2006 as a small, family-owned business located in East London and over the last decade has managed to grow to be a trusted favourite amongst the dwellers of the capital. We are now working out of an office in the Borough of Richmond, allowing us to reach all of our clients quickly and conveniently.

Our Promise

Our customers are always our main focus and we work extremely hard to make your experience of dealing with dampness a pleasurable one. We are waiting to take your call and will dispatch one of our team members to your house as soon as you notify us about the problem.

Our Team

It is a well-known fact that a good specialist is much more useful in diagnosing a damp problem and applying a suitable treatment than the most modern of instruments. We can guarantee that our team of twenty highly experienced damp proofing professionals will provide you with the best possible service.

Quick and affordable service

Whether you are located in North, West, South or East London, or the suburbs of the city, we will be there to serve your damp proofing needs and will do that for a price which does not hurt your wallet. You will be provided with an estimated cost right after a free diagnostic survey but we are always ready to look for cheaper solutions if you feel that it is too high.


What should I do if I encounter a damp problem in my house?

We encourage you to contact us immediately – there are a lot of issues associated with dampness and only a qualified specialist can identify them correctly. Different remedies are applied for different problems, so a professional diagnosis should always be your main priority.

Which areas of London do you cover?

We are able to reach you anywhere in the Greater London area, be it North, South, West, East or the furthest suburbs. Our main office is located in Teddington, the London Borough of Richmond, so, depending on the distance, our highly qualified professionals can reach you in as little as a couple of hours.

How much will your services cost me?

Different damp problems require different treatments and they vary in cost, but whatever the issue that you have encountered, we can guarantee you extremely competitive prices. Our initial diagnostic survey will not cost you a dime and you will receive an estimated quote right after that, allowing you to decide whether our price is right for you.


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